above and beyond

This is a common phrase that we prove is uncommon. As a business owner of a growing enterprise, you seek advisors who don’t just sell you the next plan or product, but who white-board with you to uncover your remarkable and unique path to success.

Life/Work Balance

At MWA, we understand that work isn’t the purpose of working. We believe that work is a means to an end defined by each individual. While some work for professional accomplishment or the progression of their career, others work in order to provide for the people and causes that matter the most to them.

We have created an environment that both encourages professional achievement and allows for our professionals to experience fulfilling, secure and connected lives outside of work. While we are firm on our expectations for client service, we strive to be flexible in the method that each team member contributes. 

With flexible work schedules, work from home opportunities, seasonal flex time and floating holidays we go above and beyond to accommodate dedicated, high performing team members. 

MWA is not just a place where people come to work. It’s a home away from home where our team works together toward joint achievement and individual goals. If you are looking for a work home that provides career opportunity and personal flexibility, MWA would be a great place to start your search.