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This is a common phrase that we prove is uncommon. As a business owner of a growing enterprise, you seek advisors who don’t just sell you the next plan or product, but who white-board with you to uncover your remarkable and unique path to success.

Construction & Real Estate

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Navigating a business through the inevitable highs and lows of the construction and real estate industry requires a strategic financial advisor who can keep the business on course at all times. Although some clients simply need us to bless their internal accounting every month and perform ongoing tax planning and preparation services, many others need us to serve as a commercial real estate CPA who can perform the critical functions that drive the long-term strategy of their businesses, including investment structuring, complex lease accounting, entity structuring and preparing “bankable” or sale-ready financials.

We represent a diverse set of clients across the entire spectrum of the industry, including real estate investment trusts (REIT), real estate holding companies, general contractors, subcontractors and homebuilders. We have an unparalleled understanding of the complicated tax entity structures that are created as the foundation for real estate investment firms, and we are constantly searching for new entity structures and processes that will achieve tax efficiency for your business from top to bottom.

We’re proactive about making sure you take advantage of every resource available to help the business achieve its long-term goals. Succeeding in this industry is all about building key relationships, so we frequently take the lead in connecting you with additional contacts, professionals and advisors who can help close a deal or open the necessary doors to a new opportunity. Most CPA firms sit back and wait until their clients ask questions – but not us. We’re constantly reaching out to educate you about the latest industry trends that may affect the business and to guarantee you stay ahead of the game.