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This is a common phrase that we prove is uncommon. As a business owner of a growing enterprise, you seek advisors who don’t just sell you the next plan or product, but who white-board with you to uncover your remarkable and unique path to success.

Hospitality, Entertainment & Media

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Michael White 
Managing Partner

Managing a business in the hospitality and entertainment industries requires a rare ability to thrive despite being surrounded by constant chaos. Business owners are confronted with an endless assault of daily challenges – staffing, food costing, payroll, budgeting, technology, insurance, liquor licenses, sales taxes and more – and mismanaging any of these items can mean the difference between businesses that succeed, and those that fail to survive. We provide a sophisticated mix of services that enable your business to bring order to the chaos of managing its operations, including bar/restaurant CPA services, tax preparation and consulting, business analytics and long-term strategic planning.

We serve a diverse group of single and multi-locational businesses within the industry, including quick service restaurants (QSR), traditional dining restaurants, bars, hotels and convention centers. Challenging our clients to be proactive enables them to develop new processes that will streamline daily operations and solidify internal controls throughout their revenue chains. Our analysis of important details that are often neglected – patron visit data, captive insurance needs and changing food/alcohol mix regulations – is a service you won’t likely find at another CPA firm.

Minimizing the stress of managing the daily operations of your business is only part of what we do. We also keep track of all the small moving parts you may have missed, so you can stay focused on the critical strategic issues you will likely face in the future, such as acquiring additional businesses or locations, selling your businesses for maximum value or planning for the succession of the business to future owners.