MWA is now CLA

We are excited to share that we plan to join CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) on November 1, 2018. CLA is a national professional services firm that, like us, has developed an approach to business grown out of a passion for the businesses in our communities and a deep concern for the people who make them run. Please click here for more information:

As CLA, we can offer you even deeper knowledge and capabilities when you need it — while retaining the agility we have today.
All told, this transition should feel seamless. Take a look at to get a feel for CLA — creating opportunities for businesses, individuals, and communities through industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax, and consulting services.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Business Start-Up

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Michael White 
Managing Partner

Starting a new business is an incredibly complicated endeavor, and numerous unforeseen challenges will arise during the business startup process that create frustration for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs. You need a strategic financial advisor who will guide your business idea through the inevitable ups and downs of the process all the way to the ribbon cutting ceremony. Our primary goal is to set you off on the right foot with an effective new business plan and budget to ensure your startup is prepared to take advantage of every new opportunity it will encounter in the future.

We will serve as your project manager throughout the entire process, and our custom online dashboard tool will enable everyone involved to share information and concerns as we move through the numerous steps and action items. We also insist on holding bi-weekly meetings to conduct additional business planning and to provide an open forum for lengthier discussions and Q & A sessions. If necessary, we will assist in obtaining new business financing by transforming your personal financial information into “bankable” financial statements before we begin working on any expensive action items. You will also enjoy the advantages of our dynamic network of vendors and contractors who can help manage many of the action items that require a specialist or technical expertise.

We will remind you throughout the entire new business setup process that there no “bad” questions – we welcome every question and idea you have that will allow us to give you peace of mind in knowing all available solutions have been explored to ensure the startup process is as seamless as possible. We’re personally invested in helping bring your new business plan to life, because we look forward to building a lasting relationship and helping your business grow in the future.

Particular Strengths

  • Entity Structuring and Tax Advice – A company’s industry and its unique operations determine which entity structure should be used from a tax perspective. We help our clients identify and build the ideal structure for their companies to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved.
  • Project Management –The old school method of tracking action items in an excel spreadsheet is a thing of the past. We use an incredible dashboard tool that facilitates constant communication with our clients so they are always aware of project status and can also share information and concerns immediately where everyone on the team can view. We guide them through the project’s numerous steps and action items, and we always have prescheduled bi-weekly meetings to keep everyone on the same page and to provide a pivot point for discussions and Q & A sessions. 
  • Bank Financing We help many clients obtain bank financing by organizing their personal information needed for the loan package and by preparing a business pro forma statement that illustrates why their businesses will perform at a particular level in the future.
  • Budget Design and Preparation We build customized budgets for every industry so clients can see why performance levels and underlying drivers aren’t matching. We start with benchmark data for the particular industry and then work through each part of the business to ensure the budget is as accurate as possible. Our budgets aren’t just hopeful projections – they’re tools used to help business owners know what to expect down the road and accurately gauge their performance at many different levels.