MWA is now CLA

We are excited to share that we plan to join CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) on November 1, 2018. CLA is a national professional services firm that, like us, has developed an approach to business grown out of a passion for the businesses in our communities and a deep concern for the people who make them run. Please click here for more information:

As CLA, we can offer you even deeper knowledge and capabilities when you need it — while retaining the agility we have today.
All told, this transition should feel seamless. Take a look at to get a feel for CLA — creating opportunities for businesses, individuals, and communities through industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax, and consulting services.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Tax Advisory

Numerous critical events can trigger the need for strategic tax planning – the sale of a business, new entity set-up, conducting business overseas, unfamiliar international taxes – but many businesses don’t prepare for these events until the opportunity to get ahead of the game has already passed. Traditional CPAs simply manage the consequences of their clients’ actions when tax season arrives. Our approach is incredibly different. We are proactive about preparing our clients for every challenge or opportunity they will face to ensure their businesses maintain tax efficiency at all times. 

Year-round tax advisory services are typically reserved for massive enterprises that can afford to hire larger accounting and financial advisory firms. Many of our small to midsize clients are eager to take advantage of our ongoing tax advisory services, including complex tax planning, calculating quarterly tax projections, transaction tax planning, business sale tax planning, and projecting company sale investor allocations. Although some of the challenges your business will face can be resolved with a phone call and a quick tax strategy, many others will require tremendous planning and a complex strategy that is only possible after we develop a detailed familiarity with every aspect of your business and all the moving parts of the particular transaction. 

We understand when you contact us initially or periodically over the course of our representation, your time is valuable and you need effective solutions to your problems as quickly as possible. Frequent communication is the key – we’ll meet with you on a quarterly basis to really climb inside the operations and understand all concerns before we develop the perfectly tailored tax strategy for every upcoming event or opportunity that affects your business. 

Particular Strengths

  • Entity Structuring / Business Start Up Services – Whether they’re starting a new business or adding new investors to an existing business, we help our clients identify and implement the ideal structure for their companies from a tax perspective.
  • Tax Research and Solutions – We frequently research complex tax issues in a variety of different transactions to ensure our clients achieve maximum tax efficiency in their deals.
  • Tax Strategy and Planning – We provide proactive tax planning that enables us to monitor our clients’ operations. Remaining constantly aware of our clients’ needs and goals enables us to develop effective and reliable tax strategies at any time. 
  • Transaction Services We excel at structuring deals to be tax efficient. Planning is the key, and it often takes place months or even years of planning before a deal closes. We also help sellers maximize the value of their businesses by implementing processes that improve operational efficiency and their bottom line. 
  • Company Dissolution Services – We work with large and small companies undergoing dissolution and help them develop the best tax solutions possible during a complex wind-down process.
  • International Tax Planning and Advice – We help international clients living stateside or U.S. residents working abroad develop tax strategies designed to manage the financial complexities of living and conducting business in a foreign country.