MWA is now CLA

We are excited to share that we plan to join CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP) on November 1, 2018. CLA is a national professional services firm that, like us, has developed an approach to business grown out of a passion for the businesses in our communities and a deep concern for the people who make them run. Please click here for more information:

As CLA, we can offer you even deeper knowledge and capabilities when you need it — while retaining the agility we have today.
All told, this transition should feel seamless. Take a look at to get a feel for CLA — creating opportunities for businesses, individuals, and communities through industry-focused wealth advisory, outsourcing, audit, tax, and consulting services.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Tax Compliance & Preparation

Most traditional tax CPAs focus exclusively on their clients’ historical accounting data and ignore what’s going on behind the scenes before it’s time to prepare their tax returns. Unfortunately, this tunnel vision approach is extremely incomplete – clients can’t develop short- and long-term business strategies when critical tax considerations have been overlooked all year until tax season arrives. We take an incredibly proactive approach to tax compliance and tax return preparation to ensure both you and your business have a solid tax strategy in place on day-one of each year and perform all tasks necessary to achieve your tax goals long before your annual and quarterly filings are due.

We collaborate with a diverse group of individuals, single location businesses and multi-locational businesses to prepare them for their respective tax challenges both in the upcoming year and in future years. Frequent year-round communication enables us to understand the complex dynamics of your business and personal finances and to develop creative ways of ensuring tax compliance and efficiency are constantly maintained. We prepare every tax return and supporting form you need to maintain compliance, including the following:

  • Personal Income Tax Return, Form 1040
  • S-Corp Tax Return Form 1120S
  • Corporation Tax Return, Form 1120
  • Franchise Tax Return 
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Partnership Tax Return, Form 1065
  • Trust Tax Return, Form 1041
  • Estate and Gift Taxes, Form 709
  • Property Tax Return
  • Sales Tax Return
  • State Tax Return
  • Form K1 

We understand most businesses and individuals view federal and state tax codes as a labyrinth, and they’re reluctant to navigate such intimidating complexities until it’s time to file their returns. It’s not just about filing tax returns for us. We excel at working with individuals and businesses that appreciate a hands-on approach to tax planning that captures the whole picture of their finances – all year, every detail – to ensure tax efficiency is achieved in every aspect of their business and personal lives.

Particular Strengths

  • Personal Taxes  – The benefits of having a tax accountant prepare your individual tax return (Form 1040) are immeasurable. Regardless of the complexity of your finances, we ensure that every required detail is properly included in your return and that your maximum tax refund or minimum tax owed is achieved.
  • Corporate Taxes (C-Corps and S-Corps) – We prepare annual corporate tax returns for C-Corps (Form 1120) and S-Corps (Form 1120S) regardless of the complexity or size of the entity to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved every year.
  • Partnership Taxes – We prepare annual partnership tax returns (Form 1065) for LLPs, LLCs, and PLLCs regardless of the complexity, structure or size of the entity to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved every year.
  • Fiduciary Taxes – We prepare annual trust tax returns (Form 1041) for a variety of different trust structures across numerous industries to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved every year.
  • Estate and Gift Taxes   We prepare estate and gift tax returns (Form 709) for a variety of entities and families, including Family Limited Partnerships.
  • Non Profits / Exempt Organizations – We prepare annual tax returns for non-profits, charities and tax-exempt organizations to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved despite their unique tax structures.
  • Benefit Plans Tax Returns – We prepare annual tax returns for a variety of retirement plans.
  • State and City Taxes – Many businesses fail to take advantage of tax savings with regard to filing their state, local, franchise and other similar taxes. We can prepare these returns for you and your business to ensure maximum tax efficiency is achieved every year.
  • Sales Tax – Many businesses overlook potential inaccuracies in their sales tax returns. We can prepare your return to ensure you take advantage of available tax savings each year.
  • Property Tax – We prepare annual property tax returns to ensure you achieve maximum tax efficiency for your company’s various real estate assets.